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GROHE is a market leader when it comes to bathroom faucets. At Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., we’re proud to offer a wide range of GROHE appliances to help you upgrade your home. Explore our selection and see the GROHE difference for yourself.

The GROHE Brand

Grohe bathroom faucet in Chicago, IL
white ceramic sink with stainless steel faucet by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. is licensed with Unsplash License

Over the last decade, GROHE has received over 240 innovation and design awards, cementing its spot as a leading manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The company’s longstanding dedication to innovation and quality has resulted in an impressive line of products that includes bathroom faucets, sinks, toilets, and shower valves. With a selection of contemporary and modern collections, you can find GROHE products to suit nearly any home design.

GROHE uses high-precision production engineering to ensure every piece complies with the company’s exacting standards. GROHE adheres to four fundamental brand values: technology, sustainability, design, and quality. When you select a GROHE bathroom faucet, you can be sure your new installation will adhere to these and deliver lifelong performance in a look you love.

Our Selection of GROHE Bathroom Faucets

At Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of GROHE appliances so you can find the perfect fit for your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a new bathroom faucet, we have more than a dozen GROHE collections to explore. Before making a purchase, there are several vital points to consider that will help you select the ideal bathroom faucet for your home.

Centerset vs. Wideset Faucets

If you’re installing your new GROHE bathroom faucet in an existing countertop, you’ll need to consider the layout of your existing fixture so you can accommodate the current holes. A centerset faucet utilizes one hole in the center positioned above the sink. It has a one-piece faucet and handle combination that you rotate to the right or left to adjust the water temperature.

A wideset faucet requires three holes in the countertop. The faucet has its own hole, as do the handles on either side. One handle controls the cold water while the other controls the hot. You need to manipulate the handles independently to adjust the temperature. A wideset faucet takes up more space but can also provide a more spacious water flow than the other designs.

High-Spout vs. Low-Spout Faucets

GROHE designs high- and low-spout bathroom faucets. As the name suggests, a high-spout faucet has a higher arc than a standard fixture. This creates an elegant look that’s ideal for a luxurious bathroom ambiance. The downside to a high-spout faucet is that it creates more splash due to the added distance between the spout and the basin. For this reason, it is common to pair high-spout designs with deep basins.

A low-spout faucet is more traditional for bathrooms due to the typically limited space. This fixture still offers plenty of decorative appeal in the other elements of its styling, such as the shape of the spout and the details on the handles.

Lever Handles vs. Cross Handles

Our GROHE bathroom faucets typically have standard lever handles or decorative cross-shaped handles. The cross-shaped handles provide a timeless look and feel. Many associate them with an upscale aesthetic because of the elaborate details in their design. Cross handles use a twist operation, where you must spin the entire handle to turn the water on and off or adjust the temperature. Some people find this cumbersome, so trying this handle in person is advisable if you’re unfamiliar with this design.

Lever handles are a traditional option. Most people have encountered these fixtures frequently on bathroom faucets. A single-lever faucet turns in different directions so you can adjust the temperature to hot or cold. A double-lever faucet has one handle for hot and another for cold. These rotate to control the respective temperatures independently.

The Benefits of GROHE Appliances

GROHE is a highly competitive brand in the bathroom and kitchen appliance industry. You’re sure to come across this name any time you’re researching these fixtures, and for good reason. GROHE appliances offer a wealth of benefits.


GROHE prioritizes conservation and sustainability, considering this with every product design. It strives to provide efficient solutions to minimize water use without compromising your experience. GROHE also aims to go green as a company. In July 2019, GROHE converted to green electricity and committed to offsetting its carbon dioxide emissions through a hydroelectric power station and borehole maintenance project.


GROHE bathroom faucets have a distinctive design that offers timeless appeal. The classic look of GROHE products means they’re easy to accommodate when redecorating, so you don’t have to worry about investing in new faucets if you decide to change the overall look of your bathroom. GROHE appliances are sleek and appealing, making them an eye-catching option.


Consumers laud GROHE appliances for their durability. They withstand extensive wear and tear, and you can expect these well-built bathroom faucets to endure a lifetime of use. If you’re keen to invest in a new faucet that will last for the long haul, GROHE is the brand to turn to. GROHE builds its products with quality in mind, so they require minimal maintenance.

The GROHE Warranty

GROHE products come with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees all mechanical parts and product finishes will be free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. The company will replace or repair any defective part, allowing you to purchase GROHE products confidently.

Our Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. team can help you find and install the perfect GROHE bathroom faucet for your Chicago home. Contact us to learn more and schedule your new faucet installation.