Kitchen Sinks for Sale in Chicago, IL

Whether you’re building your dream kitchen from scratch or carrying out a renovation, getting the right sink is key. The perfect kitchen sink can be a style statement or a functional choice. Several factors will come into play as you make your decision, including the cost, color, and your preferred material. Our kitchen plumbing experts at Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. in Chicago can advise you and help you choose a sink that suits your desired kitchen design.

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What To Consider When Buying a New Kitchen Sink

One thing you’ll need to decide is what material you want your sink to be made from. Stainless steel is one of the most popular options. It’s relatively cheap and easy to keep clean. If you want a more upscale finish, you could opt for a rustic copper sink or a luxurious granite finish. One advantage of granite and cast iron sinks is that they’re very heat resistant, making them a good choice for working with hot pans and trays.

The style of your sink is another major consideration. A simple single-bowl sink with drop-in installation is a great choice for a DIY project. These sinks have a lip that rests on your countertop, and they’re held in place by screws. Undermount sinks look more modern but are more complex to install and sometimes require a specific cabinet design. Farmhouse sinks are great for making a statement. They have a front part that covers or replaces the cabinet underneath.

The size and design of your sink is also a big factor to keep in mind. You may opt for a double-sink design. These are typically divided 50/50 or 60/40, giving give you two sinks to work with. This design is helpful if you want one sink for soaking pots and pans and another for preparing food. Triple sinks are excellent if you want a small bowl for preparing drinks or fresh ingredients.

Types of Kitchen Sinks Available in Chicago, Illinois

Our stainless steel kitchen sinks are among our most popular options. Chicago shoppers can benefit from an affordable single-bowl or double-bowl design made from this durable material. Stainless steel may be more prone to scratches than porcelain or granite. However, the drawback to the extra protection offered by granite and porcelain is that it comes at a cost.

Our undermount sinks are in high demand. They can be configured to create a neat, modern finish in a brand-new kitchen. If you’re just looking to brighten up your kitchen a little, you may prefer a drop-in sink with a deep or shallow basin. These are easy to fit into an existing kitchen, allowing you to avoid adjusting your countertops or cabinetry.

How Much Does a New Kitchen Sink Cost?

The cost of your sink can vary widely depending on factors such as size, shape, design, and material. Stainless steel sinks are usually the most affordable option, followed by granite composite sinks. A more expensive option is fireclay, which offers the benefits of being impact-resistant and easy to clean.

Stainless steel sinks often start at just under $100, sometimes even as low as $70. Large stainless steel sinks or sinks with a copper or gun metal finish can be more expensive, costing over $2,000. If you opt for a granite sink, you can expect to pay at least $100 and potentially over $2,500 for an elaborate design. Fireclay sinks generally start at around $500 and can rise to over $3,500.

How To Replace a Kitchen Sink

The method for replacing your kitchen sink will depend on the style of your existing sink and its replacement. The easiest type of job is typically replacing a drop-in sink with another drop-in model. All you need to do is loosen the screws of your sink, lift it out, and dispose of it. Then, you can simply put your new sink into place, provided it’s the same size.

You may need to adjust your countertops by cutting them back or adding more material, depending on whether your new sink is larger or smaller than the old one. The complexity of this job will depend on what your countertops are made of. Laminate surfaces can often easily be cut to size, whereas more solid surfaces may require a professional to take care of the job.

It’s a good idea to get a professional fitter if you’re planning on installing an undermount sink or one with a deep bowl. These installations can involve extensive adjustments to your cabinetry and countertops. Additional work may be required if you want added drainage options or a garbage disposal.

Where To Buy Kitchen Sinks in Chicago

If you’re looking for a broad range and expert installation, Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. should be your first stop. We have a great range of kitchen sinks from top brands, such as Elkay, and a team of plumbing professionals ready to complete your installation to a high standard.

Transform Your Kitchen With the Perfect Sink From Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co.

Now that you know a bit more about the types of sinks on offer, how much they cost, and how to install them, why not browse our available options? If you have any questions about our sinks or how to install them, don’t hesitate to contact us today. At Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., we’re excited to help you create your dream kitchen.

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