Shower Trim Kits for Sale in Chicago, IL

A shower trim kit gives you everything you need to update the look, feel, and functionality of your shower. Whether you’re installing a brand-new shower in your home or you’re simply looking to update your current fixtures, a fresh trim kit can make all the difference. Learn how our team at Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. in Chicago, Illinois, can help you select and install your shower trim kit for an exciting new ambiance in your bathroom.

What Is a Shower Trim Kit?

Shower trim pieces are the visible elements that you install in your shower, as opposed to the valves and pipes that remain hidden in the wall. Shower trim pieces may include the:

  • Showerhead arm.
  • Showerhead.
  • Handheld showerhead and mount.
  • Handles.
  • Knobs.
  • Tub faucet.

You can purchase a tub and shower trim kit that includes just one of these components or opt for a setup that has everything you need for your shower. The design of your shower will determine which pieces you need. For example, a standing shower stall will not include a faucet while a shower with a tub will.

Are Shower Trim Kits Universal?

Shower trim kits are not universal. This is due in large part to the shower valve. These valves come in several different setups. A shower trim kit does not include the valve, so you may need to work with the valve you have and purchase a trim kit that will accommodate it. Alternatively, you can purchase and install a new shower valve if you’re not satisfied with the current installation. The most common options for your shower valve include:

  • Manual valve: This is the simplest option available. A manual valve puts the user in full control of the water pressure and temperature through the careful manipulation of a single handle.
  • Mixing valve: This valve is common in older homes and will mix the hot and cold water to deliver the appropriate temperature to your showerhead or tub faucet.
  • Pressure balancing valve: This is the most popular option on the market. A pressure balancing valve rebalances the water pressure on the way to the shower or tub to prevent scalding and eliminate temperature fluctuations of more than two or three degrees.
  • Thermostatic valve: This valve typically controls temperature, pressure, and volume at once.
  • Diverter valve: If you have both a tub and a shower, you need a diverter valve to direct water to either the tub faucet or the showerhead.
  • Transfer valve: This valve type can direct water to the mounted showerhead or a handheld showerhead if your shower has such a fixture.

You’ll also need to determine what type of handle or knob your shower uses. If you’re working with an existing setup, you can determine if your shower already has one or two handles. If you have one handle, you’ll turn the water on or off either by pulling the shower knob out or rotating the shower handle. If you’re using a rotating handle, you’ll either turn it left and right to adjust the temperature or turn it in a single direction counterclockwise to increase the water temperature.

If you have two handles or knobs, you’ll adjust the hot and cold water pressure independently. This takes a bit more work, but it can give you great control over your water temperature by allowing you to pull water exclusively from the hot or cold water pipes as needed. The final option is a three-valve setup that includes a knob for the hot water, a knob for the cold water, and a diverter knob that directs water to either the tub or the showerhead.

How To Choose a Shower Trim Kit

Choosing a shower trim kit is no small feat. There are many details to consider, both large and small. Take your time comparing the options so you can select trim pieces that fit your shower setup and complement the decorative elements of your bathroom.

Evaluate Your Shower Setup

Carefully examine the design and arrangement of your shower fixtures. As mentioned previously, there are many different arrangements that your shower can come in. You may need a single rotating handle to adjust the water temperature or two separate knobs. You may also need a diverter valve to send water to the showerhead, handheld shower nozzle, and/or tub faucet. Examine your current plumbing carefully to determine what fixtures are necessary for your new shower trim kit.

Select Your Finish

The traditional approach to bathroom design is to choose a finish that matches the other fixtures in your bathroom, such as the faucet for the sink. If you’re building a new bathroom or replacing all of your existing fixtures, you can choose any finish you’d like. You might choose a bright polished metal finish such as stainless steel, chrome, or nickel. Brushed metal has a more subdued appearance and hides fingerprints better. Brass and copper offer a warmer feel with a touch of old-world ambiance. For something dark and striking, try matte black or gunmetal finishes. There are a variety of options to choose from popular brands like a Grohe shower trim kit or an American Standard shower trim kit.

How To Install a Shower Trim Kit

Every shower trim kit is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all guide to installing a new shower trim kit. The best thing you can do is follow the instructions provided with your kit. However, these instructions may not detail the removal of your existing shower trim pieces. Here’s how to get rid of your current trim:

  • Remove caulk with a putty knife or razor.
  • Locate the set screws for your trim pieces.
  • Pop off the shower ball if you have a knob for shower adjustments.
  • Unscrew all visible set screws and gently remove the shower trim pieces.

With the old trim out of the way, you can thoroughly clean the tile or shower surround before installing your new shower kit. Use isopropyl alcohol to get rid of any remaining caulk. You can also tackle hard water scale deposits with fluoride toothpaste and an old toothbrush.

Ready To Update Your Bathroom?

If you’re ready to enjoy the perks of a new shower trim kit, we can help. At Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., we carry a wide selection of bathroom fixtures to help you update your space. Start exploring our stock now or give us a call for help finding the perfect fit.

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