A leisurely, long, relaxing shower is one of life’s simple joys.

A shower with clean running water is something we are lucky enough to have in a first world country.

However, to make the most of your time stripped down, you’ll need only the best shower heads.

Linger in the warmth of the blissful water as it falls down onto your body as the steam rises.

Let your soul and your body rejuvenate and either prepare for the day ahead or a night of rest with a relaxing shower.

The joy found in the shower cannot be replaced by any other part of your day.

We’ve done the research for you and have created a guide to the best options for your ultimate shower head:

1. The Speakman 2252

The Speakman 2252 is one of the best shower heads on the market today.

This shower head will give you the full water show at the Bellagio in Vegas, and then some. The shower head comes with the patented Any Stream 360 technology.

It has six adjustable jets which create 48 individual sprays. It’s a svelte and relatively small shower head and only costs about $180.00.

The best part of the design is the fact that it can offer you full jet cover with the 360-degree technology.

It’s made from solid brass and will be a beautiful addition to your shower experience.

2. Delta: One of the Best Shower Heads

This is one of the best shower heads for anyone on a budget. It’s a nested handheld shower head and has a unique and beautiful design.

Furthermore, it’s a good water economist. It will give you 2 gallons a minute and won’t take away from your water pressure at all.

It has H20kinetic delivery and creates sprays in a wave-like pattern that will create heavier droplets.

The best part? It’s only $125.00

3. Moen S6320

The Moen S6320 has an 8-inch diameter and is just big enough for a normal sized shower.

It will pour heavy, delicious rain down on you during your shower. What’s more, it doesn’t require ceiling mounting.

It’s an easy-adjust rain style head and can either perform in a concentrated rinse format or the rain shower.

It has a variety of nozzles and you can decide which one you’d like to use based on your shower needs that day. It also has great delivery pressure.

The Moen comes in at $150.00.

4. ToTo TS200

Perhaps one of the best shower heads for under fifty dollars, the ToTo TS200 is a fantastic and affordable option for any shower fanatic.

It’s economical with good water conservation, and still performs with high water pressure. It’s also pretty to look at.

With clean lines and looks like it costs well over one hundred dollars, it also comes with Certified Water Sense, which will help with drainage.

It has a flat face and can be re-positioned if necessary. There is one control that allows you to change all of the settings you need.

5. Ana Bath SS5450

Another one of the best shower heads under fifty dollars is the Ana Bath.

This little beauty will get you the most bang for your buck and the most water pressure.

It comes with five functions: bubble spray, massaging, saturating, and two different combo sprays combining an array of options.

It does have a slightly tricky setup but the nozzles are anti-clog. There is a five-foot steel hose which makes it easy to get around the entire shower for cleaning.

It’s made of plastic, but is still very sturdy and looks great too.

6. Waterpik AST AquaScape

This is possibly the most attractive of the best shower heads of 2018.

This shower head screams “designer shower.”

It has Dual-Mode Oval Aquascape technology that lets the water jets use half the amount of water other shower heads do while giving you an even wider range of coverage. 

It has 60 individual nozzles and looks beautiful in a large bathroom. It’s easy to adjust and you can decide on its horizontal or vertical positioning.

7. Delta Faucet 75700

This handheld shower head is both ergonomically inclined and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your bathroom.

It’s also only $26.00, so it’s easy on your wallet too. It has seven settings and is a universal handheld. 

It has a six-foot hose for all your showering needs and a vacuum break to guard your water supply as well.

You can make this a fixed shower head if you’d like to as well, as it’s able to be mounted in position.

8. Speakman S-2005

This is another Speakman that made the list of the best shower heads of 2018.

It also has the Any Stream 360-degree rotation technology. You can use the selector knob to change settings whenever you’d like.

There are 5 adjustable jets and there are 50 individual streams of wonderful massage sprays.

This is definitely one of the best shower heads because it even has self-cleaning nozzles.

9. Delta 75152

This comes in a beautiful chrome finish. It’s much cheaper than the other Delta options listed here.

It still has the H20kinetic system of water delivery and helps you regulate pressure. You can also choose whatever water level you want coming out of the head.

The unit allows you to switch between economy and standard with one simple switch.

It has four large holes that let big, massaging streams come out of the head.

Made so the holes never clog up, you can use this guy for years without repairs.

10. High Sierra All Metal Low Flow

This is a fantastic shower head option with 2.5 gallons per minute.

This is a great option for saving water as some models even allow you 2 gallons per minute.

It can reduce water waste and gets the distribution down to 1.5 gallons per minute with the right adjustment.

This isn’t the most beautiful option of the shower heads on this list, but it’s surely efficient and affordable at just $39.00.

It also delivers on water pressure and will save you on your water bill.

Power of the Shower

A shower can be a great way to relieve stress after a long day.

The health benefits of a great shower are many. However, to have a great shower you need great plumbing.

Plumbing maintenance can keep your shower unclogged and running all winter long.

You’ll want that hot water nice and steamy on the days where the temps fall below zero.

For help with your shower or plumbing needs, contact us today.