If you’re considering purchasing fixtures and fittings for your bathroom, you’ve probably come across two brands: Toto and American Standard. Both companies make great toilets and faucets for residential use, but some key differences will help you decide which one to buy. Here’s a quick overview put together by our team at Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. in Chicago.

Comparing Toto and American Standard Toilets

Toto Toilet

American Standard makes solid and durable toilets from porcelain and vitreous china. Their modern design makes American Standard toilets a great choice for your bathroom if you strive for a contemporary look. Most toilets are a one-piece model, which means they can be heavy but are easier to install than multi-piece toilets. American Standard has been building toilets and other sanitary installations since 1875, so they have a long record to look back on. The company’s origins began with the establishment of the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. Today, American Standard has production sites in Mexico, South Korea, and China.

In terms of performance, American Standard toilets use excellent flushing and water-refilling technology to produce great results. Each flush with an American Standard toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water, meaning they’re also very water efficient. Some higher-end toilets include extra features, such as a self-cleaning mechanism that operates when you flush.

Toto uses similar materials to build its toilets, but the designs are often more complex than American Standard. They also feature high-performance flushing technology that gives Toto toilets an advantage in flushing power over many of its competitors. Toto toilet seats are sometimes cushioned and elongated on the more high-end models. Toto is a Japanese company that has established itself as the country’s top plumbing brand over many decades. Its technological innovations have impacted toilet design and production around the world. One of its best-known creations was a toilet with a heated seat and other luxury features.

Toto toilets operate with a unique system of siphon jets to create maximum flushing power. They also have a patented flushing system known as G-Max Flushing, which combines a 3-inch valve with a powerful siphon to flush quietly and efficiently. Another optional extra available with a Toto toilet is its Dual Flushing function. Dual Flushing toilets can either use 0.9 gallons or 1.6 gallons of water per flush, giving you the option of choosing the amount of water you require. This feature can help you remove the need for multiple flushes, which can waste water.

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Price Comparison and Recommendations for Toilets

If you’re looking for a durable toilet at an affordable price, the options offered by American Standard are perfect for your needs. The most affordable American Standard toilet costs just over $200, making this brand a great choice for a homeowner shopping on a budget. However, even if you opt for one of American Standard’s cheaper toilets, you’re still getting a product that can last for 10 to 15 years.

American Standard’s high-end toilet is called the Advanced Clean 100 and costs $3,570. This model proves that American Standard toilets can be luxurious too, since it includes a bidet and self-cleaning features.

For those of you looking for a toilet with extra features and an upscale design, Toto toilets are certainly worth considering. They have a higher price range than American Standard, but you’ll be paying for some excellent additional features. On the low end of the Toto price range, you’ll find the Eco Ultramax toilet, which costs just over $740. One of the next steps up is the Connelly Two-Piece, which comes in at over $900.

The most expensive range of toilets sold by Toto is the Neorest line. A dual-flush model is available for around $5,800, while the Neorest NX2 contains all the features you could ever dream of for $17,300.

Comparing Toto and American Standard Faucets

The differences between Toto and American Standard are similar regarding faucets for your bathroom. Toto is known for its more elaborate designs and unique water flow technology, enabling its faucets to stand out against competitors’ offerings. The sleek modern design of these faucets, including chrome or brushed nickel, can give your bathroom a quality finish.

American Standard faucets are strongly built with quality materials, but they lack the upgraded technology you’ll find in a Toto faucet. One advantage of American Standard is the company makes faucets for the bathroom and kitchen. By contrast, Toto faucets are generally only available for the bathroom. If you’re looking for faucets throughout the home, you may prefer to stick to a single brand for consistency.

Price Comparison and Recommendations for Faucets

The price range for Toto faucets is approximately $300 for the most affordable to $1,200 for the top-of-the-line fixtures. You’ll pay more for Toto faucets produced with materials like chrome or brushed nickel and those with the company’s water-saving features built-in. Toto is a great choice if you want the best faucets in your bathroom and can afford the price tag.

American Standard faucets are ideal if you’re decorating your bathroom with good-quality finishings but want to stick to a modest budget. Like Toto, American Standard offers lifetime guarantees for many of its products, meaning you can get most problems taken care of. American Standard faucets start at around $150.

You can check out more details about Toto and American Standard toilets and faucets in our plumbing showroom in Chicago. Our Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. team has all the expertise and knowledge you need to help you choose first-rate products and fixtures for your bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms throughout your home.

If you have questions about our Toto versus American Standard comparison or any of the products we’ve mentioned, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our plumbing and redecorating experts will be delighted to answer any of your questions and provide further advice on the best brand of toilet or faucet to meet your requirements.

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