Congratulations! It’s time for a sink upgrade.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, you’ve purchased a new home, or you simply just need a new kitchen sink, deciding on the perfect sink to buy is exciting.

With the many options to choose from and the importance of finding a sink that will work with your home and vision, choosing a sink can also be a bit overwhelming.

But don’t worry; with this guide, you’ll have all the tools you need to make your decision squeaky smooth.

First, Let’s Talk Style

Think about the style of your kitchen overall.

Are you imagining simple and sleek modernity or the brightness of the French cottage style? Perhaps you’re going for something cozier like traditional wood-stained cabinets with farmer features?

Whatever your style, there is a sink option to fit.

Once you have your style down, you can start thinking about materials and finishes. Certain materials and finishes will work better for specific looks as well as needs.

Cast Iron

Enamel-coated cast iron sinks are popular for their attractive and bright look.

They look like porcelain and can be coated with many different shades. If you’re going for that French country cottage vibe, there is the perfect sink, as it comes in white and off-white.

One thing to consider, though, is the enamel on coated cast irons. The enamel can scratch easily, so this sink will wear and tear faster than other options if it gets a lot of use.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks are great for their under-mount capability. Meaning, they can fall below the countertop and are hidden by the cabinets. This makes dealing with any plumbing issues that may occur much easier.

Stainless steel sinks are also one of the most durable. If you or your family (ahem, children) are hard on your sinks, this is the perfect sink for you.

Stainless steel is also a great option because it fits well with many styles, including traditional and modern. Since most appliances are stainless steel now, you won’t have to worry about a mismatch there.

Remember, when you’re shopping for a stainless steel sink, lower gauge is better quality.

You can also get stainless steel sinks with sound absorption, too. Then you don’t have to worry about the clatter that sometimes comes with metal.

Solid Surface

Solid surface sinks are made of different man-made materials and are used with seamless countertops.

These are a clean-kitchen lover’s best friend.

Since they are integrated as part of the countertop, cleanup is as simple as swiping into the sink. It prevents the all-to-often grime found along sink creases of other styles.

The downside to solid surface sinks is their durability. They can easily be chipped and damaged by steamy hot pans or pots. 


Composite sinks are made of polyester/acrylic or quartz/acrylic. The quartz/acrylic is what gives the sink a granite stone look, which is perfect if you have granite features in your kitchen.

This is where you’ll find the most options when it comes to colors and styles. The many options make composites the perfect sink if you’re not sure what style your kitchen will turn out to be or if you plan on renovating in the future.

Composite sinks are also among the lowest-priced options. While this is a plus for many, they are not as long-lasting as some pricier materials.

In addition, composite sinks are typically styled as a deep bowl. This means they can be harder to keep squeaky clean.


Finish is a large part of the style of not just your sink but your kitchen as well.

There are many options for sink finishes, including stainless steel, soft brushed nickel, polished nickel, brass, chrome, bronze, and pewter.

Again, the finish you choose will depend on your style, interior design, as well as your other kitchen features. It is important to choose a finish that will match your appliances, countertops, and the design of your cabinets.


Where is the sink going? On the island or counter? Or both? Think about what you need for you as the kitchen headmaster, as well as what your space can handle.

Are you renovating the countertops, too? If so, you can choose any style sink you’d like and design your counters around it.

Next, think about the type and size of the sink you’d prefer.

You will need to choose whether you want a double bowl sink or one oversized bowl. You can even get a triple bowl sink if needed.

A double bowl is a perfect sink if you prefer to wash dishes by hand, or if you like to keep all the dirty dishes to one side of the sink. People who cook a lot with fresh produce also appreciate having a space to lay food on one side while rinsing it on the other.

Oversized bowl sinks are nice for those who mostly rely on a dishwasher. However, they also come in handy for washing large pots and pans, as well as giving the newest member of your family a sink bath (pet or baby).


Features are important, whether you want them or not. They can become the deciding factor.

Think about what features you would like in your kitchen. Do you insert cutting boards, a sprayer with different options, a built-in water filter, or basin racks?

Do you want two handles or one single lever? How important is it to have a garbage disposal?

Make a list of all the features you expect in your perfect sink, and take it with you when you go shopping.

Start Your Perfect Sink Search

Now that you’ve got your style down, you know what you need for your space, and you’ve decided what features are important for you and your family, you’re ready to start the search for the perfect sink to fit your perfect kitchen.

We have quality sinks from top brands for every home design and at great prices. Our products come with plumbing installation as well, so your buying experience is completely hassle-free.