Looking to upgrade your plumbing parts?

Then you probably know about American Standard.

American Standard parts are some of the most fundamental components of the different toilets, sinks, and pipes that exist in every building throughout the country.

Despite how common the parts are, buying them can seem a bit intimidating to some people.

Best value, quality, and longevity are all factors that are important, but often hard to pin down about different parts.

If you’re stuck, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

It’s possible to feel confident when choosing your different parts because you know all about them.

Here’s what you need to know.

Balancing Needs in Parts

Before diving into the specifics of the different American Standard parts, you need to consider your goals.

Why are you buying new parts?

Your answer could shape your tactics when looking for new parts.

You could be simply fixing a burst pipe below the sink.

Or, you could be looking to upgrade to a new tub part that allows for something cool to happen, like bubbles or something (what you prefer during your tub experience is truly your business).

Whatever your purpose is in buying new parts, you need to keep in mind a balance between durability and usefulness of the pipe.

Let’s look at the sink example for a moment.

Nowadays, it’s possible to have sinks with about every perk and cool gadget imaginable.

Whether or not that’s in your interest is your choice — but it’s important to know that there are consequences when you have preferences like that.

It’s possible that having a sink with beautiful spraying fountains and stainless steel will be aesthetically pleasing, but not long-lasting.

On the other hand, a pipe that lasts for ten years could accrue rust and decline over the long run.

That shouldn’t get you down–the point is that the perfect plumbing part doesn’t exist.

So, every choice should be made by you in regard to your specific desires.

We’re forgetting the big one. There is a third factor that can contribute to your decision making in buying different American Standard parts.

You guessed it — it’s price.

The Price of American Standard Parts

Asking, “how much do American Standard parts cost?” demands an impossible answer.

The truth is that the company offers a wide range of products and prices in order to meet a wide variety of customers.

But it’s still good to know about some specifics within the diversity of those prices.

If you check out the American Standard parts that we offer, you can see the different parts we can offer for your bathroom.

Some of our most viable parts won’t hurt your pockets at all — for a quick hundred bucks, you can have our shower kit installed.

On the other hand, we offer higher end parts, as well.

Those standard American parts that prove more costly provide you with big benefits.

They can be luxurious or better-looking than other standard parts we offer.

But, those more costly parts also require more costly repairs.

When you invest in an expensive part, you might end up investing in several expensive repairs over the years.

So, it might be in your best interest to stick to a more affordable part.

But, the choice of either is ultimately yours. Now let’s dig into some specifics.

Picking Toilets

Ah, the toilet.

Plumbing is the only topic where it’s OK for us to talk about them. And the discussion is useful!

There are several factors to consider when milling around different toilet options.

You should ask plumbing professionals about them before picking any purchase to make. What kind of flush do you want? This is a personal and general question.

For serial cloggers, a strong flush might be better for you — which means you need to communicate that.

Or, you might prefer a subtler flush. If that’s the case, there are absolutely parts that work for you.

In general, there are some societal decisions to make as well.

Looking to conserve water? Then it’s a good idea to invest in a toilet that doesn’t allow water to waste.

There’s also a wide spectrum of space among American Standard toilets.

Depending on your bathroom size, you may want to base your choice on the desired size of your toilet.

And, once you’ve sat on the thought long enough, you can go to the sink.

Perusing Sinks

The different parts involved in a sink depend largely on how the sink is installed.

Your faucet might be mounted on the wall or on top of a counter, to name a few common variations from American Standard.

The truth of the matter is that the different options are better for different people.

That’s why American Standard offers so many different options for sinks for their customers.

Check out some of the products American Standard offers along sink lines.

The same philosophy about buying American standard parts, in general, applies to their line of sinks, too.

Some are more expensive and chic, perhaps perfect for your bathroom.

But others are more durable and less appealing visually, equally beneficial for certain rooms.

The important thing for you to know is that we can handle any and all sinks that are thrown our way. 

We can install, repair and replace any kind of parts you need that go along with your sink. All it takes is one call for your parts to go together better.

Go Get Some Parts

With this guide, you’re more ready than ever to pick between American Standard parts and have them installed in your building or home.

You’ll be able to pick the right part; the part will be able to help your life go a bit more smoothly.

We’re a long-established Chicago company that’s been fixing pipes and installing new ones for over 30 years.

Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help.

Still thinking about parts, or have your eyes fixed on a few? Reach out to our team of experts today. We can get you started.

What are you waiting for? Go for it!