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Purchasing a new toilet may not seem like an exciting adventure at first glance, but you might think differently when you begin to explore what’s available on the market. The TOTO toilet is one of the most innovative and luxurious options you can invest in. With its sleek design, highly efficient technology, and refreshing functionality, a TOTO toilet is the kind of installation that can make a compelling talking point in your home.

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A History of Success

What we now know as the TOTO company began in 1917 as the Toyo Toki Company. Japanese inventor Kazuchika Okura was fascinated with the gleaming ceramic toilets of the West and became determined to bring these products to Japan; thus, the sleek, modern TOTO toilet design was born.

TOTO unveiled the WASHLET toilet in 1980, introducing the world to the comfort and luxury of a toilet seat with a built-in bidet. The WASHLET features a heated seat, a comfortable wand, and an optional dryer. This technology aligns perfectly with TOTO’s commitment to efficiency by reducing or even eliminating the need for paper products while offering superior personal cleanliness that leaves you feeling fresh and confident.

Since 1980, TOTO has sold over 60 million WASHLETs. TOTO toilets are extremely popular across Japan and have since made their way around the world. WASHLET toilets are considered a status symbol and a must-have for upscale destinations such as the Louvre Museum in Paris. You can even install a TOTO toilet in your own home.

Powerful Flush System

TOTO toilets are known for providing highly efficient flush systems. The G-Max flush system utilizes a wide 3-inch flush valve. This, combined with a large trap way and larger siphon jet, creates a more powerful overall flush, giving you better results in just one go. The E-Max flush is a similar system with optimized efficiency. The Dual-Max flush system, meanwhile, enables you to customize your flush. You can choose from 0.9 or 1.6 gallons per flush, so you can use just the water you need and reduce your overall consumption.

The TOTO Tornado Flush system, found in the Drake toilet, creates a cyclonic motion via two powerful nozzles. This helps to efficiently remove waste, reduce buildup, and keep the toilet clean. In just one flush, this gravity-based system does what other toilets need multiple flushes to accomplish. The Tornado Flush system uses just 1 gallon of water per flush to help conserve water.

The 3D Tornado Flush design takes the tornado technology up a notch with three water nozzles in place. Depending on your needs, you can choose your flush and optimize the toilet to use anywhere from 0.9 to 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

The Dynamax Tornado Flush projects water exclusively from the rim for a 360-degree clean around the entire bowl. This system improves waste evacuation while offering a quieter and more discreet flush.

Unique Toilet Designs

The TOTO bidet toilet instantly cemented the TOTO company as an innovative provider in this space. TOTO’s sleek and hygienic design includes features such as a concealed wand door, an optimized wand angle, and a self-cleaning wand. The bidet seat also has a quick release that makes it easy to remove and clean more thoroughly when required.

The TOTO one-piece toilet design is among the most popular options. Though TOTO doesn’t offer a wall-hung toilet yet, its streamlined one-piece products are similar in appearance and appeal.

The NEXUS, CARLYLE II, and AQUIA IV are all one-piece toilets that streamline cleaning. The popular seamless TOTO toilet seat offers a supremely modern look and feel while making the entire toilet design easy to clean. TOTO bidet toilet seats are extremely common in this line. Equipped with features such as instantaneous water heaters and aerated dual-action spray, these bidets are among the best in the industry.

Innovative Technology

ACTILIGHT technology is a powerful innovation that helps keep toilets clean with minimal effort using light, oxygen, and water to battle buildup. This is combined with a zirconium coating that dissolves waste when it comes into contact with water. Smooth, hard, and durable, this surface coating is difficult for messes to stick to, so they’re easily washed away with each flush.

The EWATER+ system applies a light mist to the toilet bowl and wand after each flush. This helps to keep messes from drying or sticking to these surfaces.

Smart Toilet Design

If you’re intrigued by smart technology, TOTO toilets are sure to catch your eye. These products take the otherwise ordinary experience of visiting the restroom to an entirely new level.

The NEOREST TOTO smart toilet uses the best toilet technology. This toilet anticipates your approach and lightly mists the interior of the bowl to aid waste elimination while warming the seat for optimal comfort. The lid automatically opens to minimize touch surfaces. When you’re finished, the toilet automatically flushes for you, closes the lid, and deodorizes the bowl to eliminate odors.

Quality Materials

The TOTO toilet bowl is a noteworthy feature due to its high-quality materials and easy-to-clean design. These toilets are optimized to require as little effort as possible while always remaining extremely clean and hygienic.

CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze is an exceptionally smooth coating that creates an ion barrier designed to keep the toilet bowl clean for a longer period. CEFIONTECT eliminates uneven surfaces or porous areas, which collect grime and debris. This means that you’ll ultimately use fewer chemical cleaning products and less water to keep your bathroom pristine.

TOTO also tends toward a neat, skirted design. This gives you smooth, clean lines along every surface. While traditional toilets have a lot of nooks and crannies along the sides, skirted toilets eliminate those problematic places, making it easier than ever to keep the toilet clean.

Whether you’re looking for a new TOTO toilet or TOTO toilet replacement parts for a quick repair, we can help. Contact our team at Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co in Chicago for all your toilet and plumbing needs. We’ll help you create and maintain the optimal bathroom space for your home.