Thinking of a stainless-steel sink in your kitchen?

Did you know that the most common home remodeling project is the kitchen? It is the focus of 78% of remodeling jobs. And the most common replacements on those jobs are cabinets, appliances, and sinks.

If you want to replace your ratty old sink, or you’re just looking for a sleek new alternative, stainless-steel is your best choice. And in the sections below, we’ll tell you why. When you’re ready to change the way you think about sinks, read on.

Why Choose a Stainless-Steel Sink?

With porcelain double-bowl sinks, granite composite sinks, and copper drop-in sinks, there are so many options to choose from. Why would you buy a plain old stainless-steel sink? It’s simple: they’ve been around a long time.

Choosing the perfect kitchen sink isn’t always about getting the newest or flashiest model. It’s about buying what works. Stainless-steel bowls have been around for so long because they work. Period.

They’re Durable

Pots and pans land in the sink. Frozen turkeys land in the sink. Plates, and utensils, and small pets land in the sink. Most things a modern household contains have at one time landed in the kitchen sink.

It needs to able to keep up with hard use. That means it can take a pounding. It will function for generations and remain easy to clean. That’s not a simple thing to do.

Other modern sinks have a protective layer coating the bowls. This layer is easily chipped. Or it just wears away over time, and it must be replaced.

Stainless-steel types, however, contain the same material throughout. If a layer is scratched off, it doesn’t affect the life of your sink. It won’t even affect the appearance.

They’re Easy to Clean and Maintain

Stainless steel is naturally resistant to bacteria, which makes it a better hygienic choice. It is also impervious to scouring pads, knives, and other common sources of scratches and chips. The same can’t be said for its competition.

They’re Inexpensive

It’s one of the benefits of their long history. The production and manufacturing of these types of sinks have been optimized over the hundreds of years they’ve been in use. It’s led to a massive reduction in the overall price of the process.

This low price is passed on to the consumer. Yep, that means you. So, you can risk one of the newer, more expensive technologies, or go with the tried-and-true, less expensive alternative. The choice is yours.

What’s Next?

Now you know what makes stainless-steel sinks the best choice for your kitchen. Now you have to choose which model will best suit your needs. Start by brainstorming the things you wanted to use your old sink for but couldn’t.

Was it wide enough? Deep enough? Would you prefer one with an extra bowl? Remember, one of the best parts of renovating is upgrading. Choose something that makes you happier and your life easier.

If you’re curious about what to do with the rest of your kitchen renovation, come peruse the rest of our library. You’ll find dozens of informative home renovation articles built just for you.