Act now in the calm before the storm.

If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding or if you have a basement, you probably have a sump pump. These magical machines takes extra water and redirects it so it doesn’t flood your home.

Since these are not machines we often think about, you may not know when to replace them. Don’t worry, there are plenty of people who don’t know much about them.

Luckily for you, we are here to help. Below are 6 signs you need to replace your sump pump.

1. It’s Making Odd, Loud Noises

Sump pumps make noise when filtering the water. Don’t fret over the occasional gurgling and hums you hear when in your basement.

However, it’s time for sump pump replacement if it’s making large banging and grinding noise. Something could be wrong or clogged in the engine. Loud noises are plumbing problems you want to avoid.

2. It’s Constantly Running

For a sump pump to be running effectively, the arm and switch mechanism works properly. The float inside helps control the switch.

If it’s constantly running, it could easily wear down the engine and cause quite the annoyance. A constantly running pump also may mean it’s not able to control the amount of water it’s receiving. Look into replacing it.

3. It’s Sounds Stuck

Much like scrambling for help when your car is stuck somewhere, your sump pump may be struggling to work because it’s jammed up and the motor is stuck.

A jammed motor may be the result of too much dirt clogging up the motor. If it sounds like it isn’t turning, call a professional and have them take a look.

4. It’s Old

A high quality sump pump lives to be around 10 years old. However, other factors can cause this age to be lower.

If you live in an area where it is constantly raining or you purchased a lower quality pump, you run the chance of it dying out quicker than 10 years. Fortunately, most people aren’t attached to their sump pumps and can get rid of them. It’s a different story when it comes to your favorite pair of shoes.

5. It’s Showing Rust

If your sump pump is showing major signs of rust, it’s time to replace it. The rust can be caused by high levels of bacteria. The bacteria in iron won’t cause health problems, but it can highly affect the water drainage.

6. It’s Vibrating Too Much

Sump pumps contain impellers. If the pump has sucked up too many hard materials, they can damage these impellers. Once an impeller is bent, it can cause the pump to excessively vibrate.

Replace Your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump, you need to know the signs of when it’s time to replace it. Above are 6 signs you need to invest in a replacement.

Not only can broken or damaged sump pumps be annoying, they can cause water damage in your home. Catch the problem now to avoid difficulties in the future.

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