summer plumbingSummer is meant to be fun, sun, and relaxation – don’t let plumbing problems ruin a good time this summer.

Here are six (common and preventable) plumbing problems to avoid this summer.

Don’t Let an Indoor Mess Ruin Your Outdoor Fun

Whatever summer adventures you have planned, there’s a good chance that it comes with an extra dose of dirt and debris at the end of the day.

Whether you’re doing yard work or spending the day at the beach, washing up after your adventures can back up your drains if you’re not careful.

Your kitchen and bathroom drains are not designed to handle large amounts of mud and sand, and could become clogged or damaged over time.

In order to prevent clogged drains this summer, hose yourself off outside first to help knock off some of the debris off of you and your clothes (and any kids or pets you took with you).

Your drains will thank you for it.

Give Your Garbage Disposal a Break

A garbage disposal is meant for year ‘round use, but summer can pose a few challenges for one of your most beloved household tools.

Here are some tips on how to keep your garbage disposal from clogging:

  • Fibrous summer fruits and vegetables like corn on the cob, banana peels, celery, etc can jam up your garbage disposal if you’re not careful. The same can be said for seeds and pits from pomegranates or peaches.
  • Summer is meant for the grilling out, but your garbage disposal is not made for bones or fat. If you want it to keep running at its best, avoid putting hazardous items down the drain.

Keep an Eye on Your Sprinkler System

If you had your sprinkler system checked after being shut off all winter, you’re a step ahead in making sure that it’s working properly in time for the summer.

But, there are still a few things to look out for:

  • Sprinklers that are above ground can get easily damaged if you’re not careful. The blades on a lawn mower can easily cut off a sprinkler head.
  • Watch out for yard animals and even your own pet to make sure that they don’t chew on any plastic pieces.

Does Your Pet Shed?

Some dogs (and most cats) shed year ‘round, while other grow a thicker coat during the winter months that shed in late spring/early summer.

Whatever breed’s schedule is when it comes to shedding, or if it’s all year ‘round, you’ll want to keep hair from clogging up your pipes. Here are a few tips on how to do so:

  • Grooming your pet regularly will reduce the amount of hair he sheds. It will also keep less hair from entering your washing machine or down your bathtub drain. If you’re going to brush your pet, it’s best to do it outside to keep it from collecting on your clothes or furniture.
  • Unless it’s during the winter, it’s best to avoid giving your pet a bath in the bathtub. Fur and debris can make its way down the drain, possibly clogging up your pipes. However, there are devices made for catching pet hair in the bathtub before it goes down the drain.
  • If your pet was outside rolling around in the grass, be sure to pre-wash his fur.

Make Sure Your Plumbing is Up-To-Date Before Making Travel Plans

If any of your travel plans this summer will have you away from home for longer than a few days, check and see if all of your plumbing is working properly. To do so, make sure:

  • Check any water-using appliances for cracks, loose hoses, or any other malfunctions.
  • Kindly ask a trusted friend or neighbor check in on your house and make sure everything is OK. An undetected leak inside your home can cause a lot of damage.
  • Turn your water heater down to low or vacation setting so you don’t waste energy heating water that you won’t be using.
  • If you’re going to be gone for a few weeks, it’s best to turn off your water main and water heater. Consider draining your pipes and tank as well.
  • Make sure your garbage disposal and plumbing traps are clean, and be sure to empty the dishwasher and washing machine. Leave the lids open to air them out so you don’t come home to musty odors.
  • Also check to see if your irrigation system is on schedule.

Make Sure Your Basement Doesn’t Flood

Leave and heavy rainfall in the summer can clog your gutters and other areas for drainage around your home. If your basement has a history with flooding, make sure you:

  • Install a sump pump to collect and dispel and water that collects in your basement. If you already own one, make sure it’s in good condition and working properly.
  • Clear your gutters, downspouts and other drainage system of debris.
  • If your foundation is uneven, you may have to call out a professional to look at your property’s grading and see if they can shift some ground to create more drainage around your home.

If you found our summer plumbing tips helpful, don’t hesitate to call us for any of your plumbing needs.

Let our team of professionals help get your home ready for the summer.

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