Zoeller ProPak Series

Includes Basement Sentry® I and pump already assembled.

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Upgrade your home’s water protection with the Zoeller ProPak Series sump pump from Allied Plumbing and Heating Supply Co. in Chicago. The ProPak Series, including the reliable Aquanot® Fit 508 with M63, offers unmatched performance with its combination of a primary pump and a battery backup system. Designed for maximum efficiency, the system ensures continuous operation during power outages, protecting your basement from flooding. The high-capacity battery provides extended run time, while the built-in alarms and monitoring features keep you informed of the system’s status. Invest in the Zoeller ProPak Series for peace of mind and robust protection against water damage.

Item No. Model Mode RPM Seal Cord (ft) Amp HP Lbs
507-0008 M53 Auto 1550 Single 9′ 9.7 0.3 40
507-0009 WM49 Auto 3450 Single 9′ 3.8 0.25 28
507-0011 M98 Auto 1725 Single 15′ 9.4 0.5 54
508-0006 M53 Auto 1550 Single 9′ 9.7 0.3 41
508-0007 M98 Auto 1725 Single 15′ 9.4 0.5 55

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