Your vanity is the focal point of the bathroom. Every person that uses your bathroom will stand in front of the vanity to look in the mirror.

With all that attention, you want to make sure your bathroom vanity is up to par.

There are tons of elements to designing the perfect vanity. From height to materials to hardware, there’s lots of room for customization. What would make your new vanity perfect for your space?

To get the creative juices flowing, check out this list of bathroom vanity elements below. You’ll be able to buy the right one when you’ve thought through all these factors.

Who, What, and Where?

What’s the purpose of the bathroom you’re buying a vanity for? Is it a master en-suite, guest bathroom, or powder room? Or, maybe it’s the kids’ bathroom.

The purpose of this room determines what kind of sink vanity you need. A powder room isn’t used as often as an en-suite bath, so it doesn’t have to be as expansive. If it’s for a kids’ bathroom, you might want to choose a vanity that is extra durable and easy for small hands to use.

Then, you need to consider the layout of the room. Notice where the plumbing is and how much space surrounds it. When the door swings open, do you lose space in the vanity area?

If you have family members or friends that use a wheelchair, the layout is crucial.

Plan the flow of traffic in the room. It should be easy to move around in the bathroom and have enough space at each station.

Pick the Right Size

Now that you’ve thought about who will be using the vanity, consider the right size. The height, width, and depth are all customizable.

Some people prefer a taller sink to accommodate taller adults and prevent backaches. If you know you will keep a lot of hair and skin products on the countertop, it needs a larger depth and width.

You also must consider medicine cabinets and built-ins when choosing the size. Make sure it’s not too tall for the medicine cabinet or mirror unit to fit. And, that built-in storage can still get accessed.

Pick the Right Sink Type

You can flip through dozens of interior design magazine pages to find your perfect sink. Sink trends come in and out of style often. It’s important that you choose a style you’ll be happy with in the long run.

Modern homes often use vessel sinks that look like a bowl sitting on the counter. These look nice but aren’t as functional as an under-mounted sink. Drop in sinks are a mix of the two; the basin is under, but the edges sit on top of the counter.

You want to consider which style will look best, be functional, and be easy to clean.

Which Countertop is Best?

Just like the sink itself, countertops are highly subjective. You have to do some research and find your interior design style.

Make sure you choose a countertop that isn’t too trendy, so you’ll like it for many years.

The most common countertop materials are granite, ceramic, and marble. Make sure that whatever finish you choose is durable and waterproof. Thermofoils and wood veneers can handle a lot of wear and tear.

The color of your countertop should be neutral and aligned with your bathroom d?cor. Some of the chicest bathrooms choose black, grey, or beige toned countertops.

To Backsplash, or Not to Backsplash

Also, decide if you want to have a backsplash. Some bathrooms don’t have room for a backsplash because of the mirror unit. But, if you do have room, a backsplash can protect the wall from water damage.

The backsplash is another feature you can customize. Pick all white subway tiles or colorful Mexican tiles. It can make a statement or be neutral.

What Are Your Base Needs?

How much storage do you need under the sink? In a powder room, you might not need much.

But, for a bathroom that’s used often, you will want some storage in the base. This could be as simple as two swinging doors under the sink. Or, you could have a mix of drawers and open space.

Some people prefer to have clean and barren counter tops. This means all their hair care, skin care, and toiletries get stored underneath.

Hardware Options

The knobs and handles on your vanity make a big difference in your bathroom experience. You want handles that are easy to use, but also look chic.

In a kids’ bathroom, you may want handles that aren’t easy for them to use and access the contents inside. Or, you want them to be brightly colored to fit the theme.

Your pricing options range greatly for hardware. Some knobs are very expensive, like crystal. Secondhand knobs are often cheaper with a more retro feel.

Choosing the hardware is your chance to add personality to your sink vanity. Make it a little funkier or take the classiness up a notch.

Optimal Lighting

The lighting above your bathroom vanity can change the vibe of the room. You don’t want light bulbs that are too white because they’ll make the room feel sterile. Light bulbs that are too warm-toned can make neutrals look peachy.

Experiment with which light bulbs you prefer in your bathroom. Then, choose the right fixtures.

Your mirror unit may come with lighting attached. If not, decide if you want wall sconce lights or hanging fixtures. Or, maybe even the old Hollywood bulbs around the mirror.

Ready to Buy Your New Bathroom Vanity?

Buying the perfect bathroom vanity is no easy decision. There are a lot of factors that go into making this decision.

Consider who will be using the vanity most and if it’s functional for them. The size, layout, and design of the vanity should suit their needs.

Find inspiration in home design magazines and websites to find your style. Make use of lighting, hardware, and storage options to curate the vanity to your needs and preferences.

For more tips on choosing the right fixtures and installations for your home, check out the blog.