When you’re in the market for high-quality, beautifully designed fixtures, two well-known brands offer excellent choices. Check out our Grohe vs. Hansgrohe comparison and find the ideal fixtures for your kitchen or bathroom.

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History of Hansgrohe

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Hansgrohe was founded in 1901 in Germany’s Black Forest region. At the time, founder Hans Grohe was known for his tin shower fixture. He designed this innovative fixture for private bathrooms, which had just begun to become popular in many homes.

His innovative spirit continued to drive the company through the first half of the century, as his simple handheld shower evolved into a fixed overhead shower. Today, the Grohe family continues to operate the company, which has more than 30 brands. The company has also pursued several partnerships with high-profile designers like Philippe Starck.

History of Grohe

Grohe was founded in 1936, when Friedrich Grohe left his father’s business, Hansgrohe, and took over Berkenhoff & Paschedag, a faucet manufacturer. In 1948, the company officially changed its name to Friedrich Grohe Armaturenfabrik. A few years later, the company purchased Carl Nestler, a celebrated faucet and thermostat producer, the first of its many acquisitions.

Over the next few decades, Grohe acquired several other German brands, including flush valve inventor DAL and faucet maker Eichelberg. As one of the most innovative plumbing fixture brands on the market, Grohe is known for is high-tech developments, such as its one-hand mixer and its digital thermostats.

Innovations From Grohe and Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe and Grohe are both known for continually striving to develop exciting new products and fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms. At the Hansgrohe InnoLab, engineers develop progressive kitchen and bathroom fixtures designed to make customers’ lives more pleasant. In addition to the company’s groundbreaking hand shower and wallbar products, Hansgrohe is known for its button-powered systems, elegant two-in-one fixtures, and beautifully designed bathrooms. Key innovations include:

  • AirPower technology makes water droplets feel larger, contributing to a more satisfying shower without excessive water usage.
  • CoolContact technology keeps your external shower components cool so the hot water won’t burn you or your family members.
  • CoolStart taps start with cool water so you don’t waste hot water. When you’re ready, you can move the lever to turn on hot water immediately.
  • EcoSmart technology decreases water consumption to 9 liters per minute for showerheads or 5 liters per minute for faucets.
  • Pontos is designed to detect and take action against water damage. Products with this technology can help you avoid repairs and keep your property in better condition.
  • RainTunes turns showers into sensory experiences by adding video, music, light, and fragrance. You can choose a RainTunes scenario to take your shower to the next level.
  • XXL Performance gives showerheads a wider diameter for a more realistic rainfall shower. Models with EcoSmart technology help you save water at the same time.

At the Grohe Design Studio, engineers focus on developing smart solutions that help customers enjoy water more. In addition to the company’s early faucet innovations, Grohe is known for its high-tech fittings, ergonomic designs, and sustainable products. Key technology includes:

  • Blue technology filters the water from your kitchen faucet so you can drink cleaner water without the need for bottles or external filters. Blue can also chill or infuse your water with bubbles for cool glasses of sparkling water.
  • CoolTouch technology keeps hot water away from the thermostat so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself when adjusting the temperature.
  • Sense technology is designed to keep water where it belongs. This sensor identifies leaks and potential frost, and it can shut off the water to prevent damage due to a burst pipe or a major leak. It can also sense excessive humidity and help you protect your home from related damage.
  • Sense Guard uses Sense technology to react to leaks and burst pipes. Sense Guard also tracks water consumption to help your household improve sustainability.
  • SpeedClean prevents lime from building up in fixtures and slowing down the water flow. Grohe faucets and nozzles with SpeedClean are designed to work like new with minimal cleaning.
  • Touch faucets turn on with just a tap, so you don’t have to pull or lift the handle. These faucets help you keep fixtures cleaner.
  • Touchless faucets turn on with a tap of the foot at the unit’s base. These faucets offer a cleaner and more convenient way to wash up or hydrate.
  • TurboStat maintains the temperature you set in the shower. With this technology, you can look forward to a relaxing, rejuvenating shower without having to adjust the temperature.

Where Are Grohe and Hansgrohe Products Manufactured?

Both Grohe and Hansgrohe are based in Germany. Grohe’s corporate headquarters are in Dusseldorf, while Hansgrohe is still headquartered in the Black Forest town of Schiltach. Because both companies have grown substantially over the past few decades, each has several production facilities:

  • Hansgrohe produces its faucets and showers in several German manufacturing centers, including Offenburg and Willstatt. The company also has production facilities in Wasselonne, France; Shanghai, China; and Alpharetta, Georgia.
  • Grohe has production plants in Hemer, Lahr, and Porta Westfalica, Germany, as well as Albergaria, Portugal and Klaeng, Thailand. Although Grohe manufactures in several countries, all products bear a “Made in Germany” stamp.

Grohe vs. Hansgrohe: Warranties

All Hansgrohe and AXOR products come with a limited warranty. The company provides a five-year warranty for all products purchased from an authorized seller. The warranty is non-transferable, so it applies to the original consumer in the original place the product was installed. If you find defects in the material or workmanship, Hansgrohe promises to replace the product or the affected part.

Grohe also offers a limited warranty on all products purchased from an authorized seller and installed in a residential setting. The Grohe warranty applies as follows:

  • Lifetime warranty on all mechanical parts.
  • Lifetime warranty on all finishes.
  • Five-year warranty on all electronic faucets, valves, and controls.

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