One of the most loved parts of any home is the kitchen. It’s the spot of so many important gatherings and family dinners, and it’s also one of the rooms you can renovate to drastically improve your home’s resale value. Since the kitchen is probably also one of the most used areas of your home, why not enjoy a beautiful kitchen in which you want to spend time? Here are some things you should know about kitchen faucets and other accessories to help you decide what to purchase when remodeling your kitchen.

Kitchen Faucets

kitchen remodeling chicago, ilDepending on the size of your kitchen and how you use it, you may have to make the decision on how many and what types of faucets to include.

Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink is standard in any cooking space, so you can rinse fruits and vegetables, fill pots and measuring cups with water, and wash dishes. Take some time to find the kitchen faucet that suits your needs and has a look you love the most. You may think that all kitchen faucets are created equal, but several functional and aesthetic details must be considered. For instance, you may want a pull-down kitchen faucet with different spray nozzle functions, like what you can find in the American Standard Huntley collection.

The high-arc faucets are very popular, but there’s something to be said about a traditional tap. It’s a low-key yet beautiful option that is slightly understated to let the rest of your kitchen shine.

Another choice you have is in how many handles you want. Several sinks will have one handle with which you can both adjust the strength of the flow and the temperature of the water. Others have dedicated handles for hot and cold water. Even the style of the handle can be different, with some faucets offering a standard push-and-pull movement to turn it off and on and others with a handle that moves out from the stem, then front and back to adjust the temperature.

Bar Sink

If you have a lot of dedicated space for your kitchen remodel, consider incorporating a bar sink, commonly called a prep sink. You’ll frequently find a bar sink at the end of a long countertop or on a kitchen island for optimum convenience when prepping and cooking a meal. Prep sinks are very handy if you want to wash your produce away from the main sink that you may have filled with dirty dishes. A bar sink doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it improves your kitchen’s overall functionality and resale value.

It’s common for bar sink faucets to be a pull-down spout with either a high or medium arch because prep sinks are usually pretty shallow. The extra versatility and functionality provided by these faucets help you make the most of your kitchen addition. One option is the Grohe RealSteel Ladylux3 Pro faucet, which has a dual spray pull-out and a swivel spout and installs easily in a single line.

Pot Filler

Yet another kitchen faucet you may want to consider is a pot filler, which is wall-mounted and helps prevent you from having to lug large pots of water from the sink to the stovetop. These faucets are mounted on the wall above your stovetop and are on a long, jointed swivel so the spout can reach any burner. If you’re in the middle of cooking, you can also use the pot filler to measure the water you may need for your dish.

While pot fillers aren’t as common in many modern kitchens, they’re a great addition if you cook for your family or hold plenty of dinner parties. When purchasing a pot filler faucet, look for one with two shut-off valves. This design helps prevent leaks from a pot filler that you haven’t turned off all the way. Since these faucets are not over a sink, any leaking can be a major inconvenience or can cause damage to your kitchen.

Kitchen Accessories

You’ll also need accessories in any kitchen remodel, along with faucets for your kitchen. Instead of a traditional soap dispenser, think about installing one right next to your sink. Grohe is a leader in soap dispensers; you can choose your style and finish.

Faucet Finishes

remodeled kitchenLike any other part of design or renovation, there are many options at your disposal, and it’s only a matter of knowing what you can choose from and what style you like the best. If you want to build a kitchen that’s 100% style, consider your optimal aesthetic. What may seem like “only a faucet” can actually play a large part in how well your kitchen comes together. There are many different faucet finishes, but the most popular are:

  • Stainless Steel: A stainless steel kitchen faucet is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. This option is also low maintenance because you won’t see as many smudges or spots that you’ll need to clean, but it still has a shine.
  • Brushed Nickel: If your style is more European or vintage, you may be drawn to brushed nickel, a fine choice for a warm feel to your kitchen. Brushed nickel doesn’t show fingerprints or water spots and is usually a budget-friendly option.
  • Chrome: Those faucets you see that have a stunning shine are probably made from chrome, so if you’re looking for an eye-catching piece of equipment in your kitchen, consider this finish. Although it’s easy to clean, chrome also shows fingerprints, meaning you’ll need to clean this faucet often to keep it looking brand new.

For a well-put-together look, we recommend using the same finish for all the faucets in your kitchen.

We want to help you end up with the kitchen of your dreams, so if you have any questions as you’re going through your kitchen remodeling, drop us a line and let us help.

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