The coffee bean is treasured all over the world for many reasons. Its deep aroma and flavor are sublime, and its jolt of caffeine is the perfect pick-me-up. Who doesn’t love a warm cup of joe to kick-start the morning or revive a dull afternoon? Roasteries, cafes, and coffee bars are scattered all over Illinois. If you need help finding the best coffee shops in Chicago, use this handy guide.


A cup of coffee at a cafe
Image via Flickr under CC BY 2.0 by star5112

This cutesy restaurant and coffee shop in Humboldt Park is the ideal place to get some coffee. Whether you’re a connoisseur or you’re new to the bean world, you’re going to love the selection of unique brews Dayglow has collected from around the world.

Get your shine on and pick something from their lineup of seasonal drinks. Step out of the box with a funky flavor like hibiscus or black sesame. You can even grab beans by the pound for brewing at home. Dayglow is open daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Gaslight Coffee Roasters

If you like your coffee served with a heaping helping of hipster-vibe, head over to Gaslight Coffee Roasters. Filled with rustic reclaimed wood, vintage lanterns, and taxidermy, it’s a wonderfully quiet spot for sipping a house-brewed variety or something from one of the many fine rotating guest roasters.

Located on North Milwaukee Avenue, Gas Light Coffee Roasters is the ideal place to grab a cup of coffee for under three bucks. Try the Ethiopian Suke Quto with a pastry. This shabby-chic coffeehouse is open daily.

Dollop Coffee Company

The Dollop Coffee Company has been serving Chicagoans coffee since 2005. Order a mug filled with The Americano. This simple, classic drink is perfect for any occasion. Here you can also get more than just coffee from the barista. Order a salad with a burger on the side or a plate of blueberry waffles. Some say it’s a little taste of heaven.

This well-established local chain has a terrific location in Streeterville on East Ohio Street. It’s open daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Use your smartphone to place your order and have it ready for pickup when you arrive.

Big Shoulders Coffee

Coffee shops like Big Shoulders are more than just a popular place to power up — they’re community spaces that bring together friends and neighbors. With its clean design and minimalist setting, Big Shoulders Coffee is perfect for commuters who need a fast and cheap cup of coffee to go. Feel free to linger over an espresso drink and something yummy while you work from your laptop.

Select from a wide variety of flavors from this award-winning artisan coffee vendor. You can even get insider tips from the owner, Tim. Learn various brewing techniques and make-at-home recipes using the Big Shoulders Coffee products you purchase on-site or online.

Eat Me Milk Me

Eat Me Milk Me is the first cafe in the area to serve premium teas topped with salted cold foam. This coffee house slings brew with a “no additives, no artificial ingredients, and no preservatives” philosophy. If you’re on the quest for the holy grail of coffee, Eat Me Milk Me uses the finest regional, farm-sourced coffee just for aficionados like you.

Stop by this unique place and let their staff make your morning coffee for you. Its bright blue exterior hints at the fun ambiance inside. Grab a fresh and tasty Asian snack like Kung Pao chicken boa, or try a cold bubble tea or a hot cafe mocha espresso.

Brew Brew Coffee and Tea

Located in Avondale on West Diversey, Brew Brew Coffee Shop is a lovely Mexican coffee house serving up your favorite java drinks, tea, and sandwiches. Hang around and take advantage of their free Wi-Fi to check in with work or school.

You’re going to devour the Baja sunrise. This breakfast sandwich features black beans, vegan chorizo sausage, eggs, pico de gallo, a housemade chipotle aioli, and provolone cheese, all perched on top of a telera roll. This modern, family-owned cafe also offers pickup and delivery service courtesy of Toast Take Out, so you can enjoy your favorite flavors from the comfort of home.

Sip of Hope Community Coffee Bar

This classic coffee shop on West Fullerton Avenue is more than just a great place to get baked goods and a latte, it’s the first cafe of its kind. When you patronize Sip of Hope, 100% of the proceeds benefit mental health education and suicide prevention programs.

It offers blends from Chicago-based roasters like Benchmark Coffee Trading. Browse its short and sweet menu of about a dozen caffeinated drinks, or pick up an assortment of swag on their website.

Caffé Streets

You’ll find the hip and modern Caffé Streets situated between Hermitage Avenue and Wood Street. This cafe provides residents with ground-on-demand coffee, a variety of specialty brews, and tea. It offers thirsty customers the look and feel of a European coffee bar, with the expert baristas to match.

Caffé Streets offers a weekly rotating selection of blends, and you can choose from high-tech brewing styles like a pour-over Chemex or a pressurized siphon method. You won’t be able to pass up a homemade pastry. Try the scones, too; locals highly recommend them. If it’s a little closer to lunch, grab a croissant stuffed full of ricotta cheese, spinach, or ham.

Sip and Savor

This regional chain touts three locations on the Southside of Chicago. Whether or not it’s a coffee empire in the making, founder Trez Paugh centered this enterprise on certified fair-trade beans. It’s where coffee and community meet. Grab something indulgent like an espresso with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and peppermint syrup. Not sure? Try the coffee of the day.

There you go! Allied Plumbing and Heating Supply Company put together this list of some of the best places to find coffee around Chicago. Did your favorite roaster make our list? If we missed it, let us know so we can share it with Windy City locals.