What do you imagine when you think of a dream home?

Most people dream of a perfect kitchen, bedroom or backyard. But few people consider the design of a bathroom.

Bathrooms may seem boring on the surface.

Look deeper, however, and you’ll see a bathroom as being filled with limitless possibilities.

From countertops to showers, a bathroom can look truly appealing with a good design. But where do you start?

It’s important to pay attention to trends when you design a bathroom.

That’s especially true when you consider a mid-range bathroom remodel costs over $9,000 dollars.

No one wants their bathroom design to be out of style. Here are a few 2018 trends that will help your bathroom withstand the test of time. Read on to learn more.

1. Quartz is In

Granite countertops are so 1999.

Quartz countertops were relatively rare up until the mid-2000s. Then they increased in popularity by 60 percent in 2004, and never looked back.

Granite countertops are popular for a number of reasons. They’re durable, lack maintenance, and are visually appealing.

Quartz differs from granite in that it’s man-made. Granite countertops are made from stone, whereas quartz countertops are made with a combination quartz, added resins, and color.

If you’re about to design a bathroom, you might want to consider quartz countertops. They have a range of finish options and give off a fresher vibe than granite.

Their durability also makes them a cost-effective option. It’s very rare to have to replace quartz countertops. After the initial investment, you can enjoy years of carefree living with these countertops.

2. Mediterranean Style

Recent bathroom designs have been marked by the return of old elements.

Don’t worry – you won’t have to put up any of that bright 80s wallpaper. Consider blending in old styles into your new bathroom.

One of the more popular recent trends has been to include Mediterranean elements in bathrooms. These eschew imagery of ancient cultures from beautiful European countries like Spain and Italy.

You can include mosaic tiles in showers, a fun countertop color, and Mediterranean style finishes on brand name bathroom fixtures. The Mediterranean style is a great way to add flair to an otherwise dull bathroom.

3. Stay Neutral

Trends come and go. It’s important to keep longevity in mind when you design a bathroom.

There’s one color that never goes out of style – white.  

White may seem like a bland color, but it can actually add some character to a bathroom. Plus, it helps any art you include on the walls to pop.

White can also be used to complement other design schemes. You can use it whether you’re looking for a modern design or a classic look.

One recent trend has been to include white subway tile in bathrooms. It might not have as much character as colored or patterned tiles, but you’ll be happy in the long run.

Going with a crisp, white look ensures you won’t have to re-do your bathroom in five years because you followed no-outdated trends.

4. Deluxe Items

Just because you’re looking for long-term style doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun.

One of the growing trends for bathroom designs has been to incorporate deluxe items.

Just because you’re looking for long-term style doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun.

Deluxe may seem broad, but you can see homeowners including deluxe items from showers all the way down to faucet heads. 

One way to look trendy is to design a bathroom with a luxury shower. Think steam showers, showers with benches, and even showers with multiple heads.

Looking to go deluxe without breaking the bank? You can do so by adding some brass to your bathroom.

Brass can give off a classical look, but it’s not too expensive. It’s also becoming a growing trend to use brass handles and faucet heads.

5. Organic Products

Luxury is great. But sometimes, simple is better.

One growing trend among homeowners is to include organic elements in their bathrooms.

By embracing nature, you can create a calming atmosphere and a more homey vibe.

Natural elements that are commonly found in bathrooms include stone surfaces, wooden tubs, and wooden cabinets.

Adding a wooden tub is a great way to individualize your bathroom and be connected to the Earth at the same time.

Plus, you’ll feel like you’re at a spa.

6. Freestanding Tubs

Speaking of tubs, freestanding bathtubs are a trend that’s here to stay.

These are a go-to among homeowners because they look great and don’t take up much room.

Freestanding tubs actually take up less of your bathroom space than a shower would. Freestanding tubs are also a great way to set your bathroom apart.

How many bathrooms have you seen with the same looking built-in shower and bathtub?

These tubs come in a number of finishes and designs that can add a special touch to any bathroom.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good soak in the tub?

7. Vanity Mirrors

We live in the age of the selfie.

It’s only natural that vanity mirrors would be getting the royal treatment. There are a number of types of vanity mirrors that are becoming a bathroom mainstay.

The traditional round vanity mirror makes for a perfect companion to any bathroom. 

You can also go for a free-standing vanity for a more retro looking.

Another popular option is the framed vanity mirror. You can choose from your choice a frame and add some LED backlighting to enhance your visuals (and yes, your selfies.)

The best part is you can get creative when choosing your vanity. There’s no wrong answer when picking between vanity.

There’s no wrong answer when picking between vanity mirrors. Choose a vanity that you think compliments your personality and the rest of your bathroom design.

Your Turn to Design a Bathroom

Now that you know the current trends, it’s the time to put your knowledge to use.

Don’t just follow the trends – follow what you think feels best for you. Remember, you’ll have to see this every day.

Are you looking to design a bathroom? We can help you choose a design you won’t regret.

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