When flooding isn’t an option (and when is it ever?) you need a septic system that never fails. But even when it does fail, you need to be covered. That’s SUMPRO’s job. SUMPRO is a fully-automatic backup power source that keeps your septic system powered and working. SUMPRO offers everything you need for powering your septic system, and now, Allied Plumbing and Heating Supply offers SUMPRO’s very best.

Allied Plumbing and Heating Supply, located at 6949 W. Irving Park Rd in Chicago, Illinois is a licensed seller of all SUMPRO products, including sump pumps, sewage pump systems, AC battery backup systems, and much more. SUMPRO is an industry leader in flood prevention equipment, and Allied is proud to offer their very finest products, like StormPro ® which pumps over 35 gallons of water a minute and features built-in alarms and indicator lights to let homeowners know the status of their system at all times.

Living in Chicago, homes are susceptible to heavy precipitation, and your home needs to be ready for flooding. To learn more about which SUMPRO system would work best for your home, call Allied Plumbing and Heating Supply at 773-777-2670 and speak to one of our knowledgeable associates.