American Standard is known in homes across America as a go-to appliance brand. A leading North American plumbing and building products brand, American Standard has offered innovative products for over 150 years. Although a lot has changed since the company’s founding, you can still count on American Standard to bring you reliable products at a fair price point so you can upgrade the style and comfort of your home.

If you’re buying new appliances such as toilets, you may wonder where these products are made. As the trusted name-brand plumbing supply company in Chicago and the surrounding area, Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. knows all about what our customers are looking for when shopping for toilets. Let’s take a look at American Standard’s history and current manufacturing.

Where Are American Standard Toilets Made?

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If it’s time to upgrade or remodel your bathroom in your Chicago-area home, Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. is here to help. You may be wondering if American Standard toilets are the right choice for your bathroom project. To make that decision, it’s important to know if the brand is reliable and to find out where their products are made so you can make the best choice for your needs.

The American Standard brand name can create some confusion, as most of the brand’s products are manufactured outside the United States. Although American Standard maintains its facilities in the U.S., today these facilities only produce bathtubs and laundry tubs. Toilet production is done in American Standard’s manufacturing plants in Mexico as well as China.

So, why are American Standard toilets made in Mexico and China if “American” is in the company’s name? To understand where the toilets are produced, let’s dive into American Standard’s history. The brand is part of LIXIL, a company that makes innovative water and housing products and strives to deliver goods that help consumers like you transform their homes in practical yet stylish ways. With more than 60,000 people working across 150 countries, LIXIL is able to maintain American Standard’s tradition of quality and innovation that has made the brand popular for so many years.

Today, that means producing toilets in countries such as Mexico and China. While China plays a part in manufacturing American Standard toilets, Mexico actually boasts the majority of toilet production. As a result, American Standard toilets are mainly manufactured or assembled in production facilities in Mexico after having sourced components from China and other Asian countries.

American Standard does have U.S. headquarters, where its toilets and many other products are designed. Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company has had its headquarters in Piscataway, New Jersey, since 1926. Over the years, American Standard has gained a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of toilets and other plumbing products. The company has production facilities in the U.S., including Salem, Ohio (where Americast bathtubs are produced), Grand Prairie, Texas (where acrylic walk-in bathtubs are manufactured), and Somerset, Kentucky (where Eljer Fiat tubs, sinks, and shower bases are made).

Are American Standard Toilets Expensive To Make?

American Standard uses several strategies to bring down the production cost of their toilets and component parts. The factory in Mexico is responsible for the majority of American Standard toilet production because the country offers economic and labor advantages. The factories in China are responsible for producing a lot of American Standard component parts.

American Standard also purchases components from third-party companies to save more on production costs. Other countries where American Standard sources its parts from include the following:

  • Belgium.
  • Indonesia.
  • New Zealand.
  • Vietnam.

Are American Standard Appliances Reliable?

While American Standard products are not top-tier appliances, they’re reliable for their price. If you’re in the market for reasonably high-quality products at fair price points, you can count on American Standard as a reputable brand that produces dependable products you can afford.

The brand’s history speaks to its reliability. American Standard has been a mainstay in the toilet, kitchen, and home industry for the past 150 years. Consistent innovation and dependability have made American Standard a favorite appliance brand not just in North America but also around the world. American Standard is known for its faucets, showers, sinks, and toilets, so you can rest assured that although you’re not buying the highest-quality bathroom appliances out there, you’re going with a brand with a rich history that continues to deliver reliability as a household name.

Knowing where American Standard produces its toilets today helps you understand why the company can serve millions of customers. Producing toilets overseas allows American Standard to maintain its high quality while keeping its products in a reasonable price range for most customers.

Due to its tradition of quality and innovation, it should come as no surprise that you can find American Standard products in three out of five homes in America. You’re in good company when you decide to go with the style and performance of American Standard products. They’re products you’ll be able to count on for years to come.

Are You Ready To Shop for American Standard Toilets?

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home in the Chicago area and want to make some updates, or you’re starting a remodeling project in the home you’ve loved for years, Allied Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. has what you need. We offer a wide range of toilets, so you’re sure to find the right style for your bathroom. You can count on American Standard appliances to bring you style, comfort, and durability. Contact us today for all of your American Standard appliance needs and get started creating that bathroom that you’ve always imagined.

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