Whether you want to convert your existing shower into a personal steam shower or turn a room into a luxurious steam spa, a MrSteam Shower is the perfect solution. But before installing it, you should consider the location, amount of available space, and any plumbing and electric requirements. Meeting the requirements for a MrSteam Shower installation is important for ensuring your safety and comfort.

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MrSteam Shower Installation Do’s and Dont’s

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Review the following do’s and don’ts of a MrSteam Shower installation for a quality and properly prepared installation:

  • DO locate the steam bath generator within 50 feet of the desired steam room. Common locations include a heated attic or basement space, a nearby closet, or a vanity cabinet.
  • DO measure the distance between the control and the steam generator. The standard cable length is 30 feet. However, 60-foot cables are available.
  • DON’T install the steam generator inside the steam room or outdoors, exposing it to elements that can compromise the safety or performance of the generator.
  • DON’T install the steam bath generator in an unheated attic or another location where water could freeze.
  • DON’T install the steam bath generator near flammable or corrosive materials, such as gasoline or paint thinners, or in areas with high chlorine concentrations.
  • DO install the steam bath generator on a solid level surface or properly secure it to a wall with the provided keyhole slots.
  • DO install the steam bath generator in an upright position only.
  • DO leave a minimum of 12 inches at both ends and the top of the steam generator for servicing.

Important Dimensions for MrSteam Shower Installation

Before installing your MrSteam Shower, there must be enough space to accommodate a person comfortably inside the steam shower. MrSteam considers anthropometry, the science defining a person’s physical measurements and functional capacities, to ensure ample space in your steam shower. For maximum comfort, MrSteam recommends a steam shower size with a length and width of 3 feet and a height of 7 feet.

Ceiling Height

Remember that the steam will rise to ceiling height, so you don’t need a tall space. While a ceiling height of 7 feet offers plenty of space, an 8-foot ceiling is optimal for a steam room in your home. A sloped ceiling is only required if you plan to use the steam room for over 45 minutes at a time.

SteamHead, Floor Drain, and Bench Seat

Maximize your comfort level inside your steam shower by following the recommended heights and placements for the SteamHead, floor drain, and bench seat. The ideal placement of the MrSteam SteamHead is 6 to 12 inches from the shower floor, with the control installed on the opposite wall. The steam shower control should be 4 to 5 feet above the floor for better ease of use and temperature reading. These components should all be placed away from the bather’s head, body, and feet.

A linear floor drain is best for a MrSteam shower and can be installed along the wall at one end of the shower. You can create a built-in shower seat or install a new one that folds up for convenient, seamless storage. The minimum depth for your bench seat is between 15 and 18 inches.

Plumbing Connections and Electrical Requirements

The correct plumbing and electrical connections are essential for your MrSteam shower to function safely. You’ll need 240-volt household electricity with a single-phase and dedicated circuit breaker. No ground fault interrupter is needed. You should only use brass or copper pipe and threaded unions for easy repairs and lower the incoming water pressure to between 15 and 25 psi. You’ll need to plan for these plumbing connections:

  • Three-eighths of an inch of water line to the steam generator.
  • A one-half-inch steam line from the generator to the steam room.
  • A one-half-inch drain line.

How To Install the MrSteam Shower Water Feed

Follow these steps to install the water feed for your MrSteam Shower from the steam generator to the shower:

  1. Connect the hot or cold water line. Note that the hot water line is preferable for creating steam; however, it should not exceed 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Ensure a shut-off valve is in the water supply line upstream of the steam bath generator.
  3. Don’t overheat the inlet solenoid valve when soldering connections, as overheating can damage the parts.
  4. Thoroughly flush the inlet water line before making a connection to the unit.
  5. Install a strainer upstream of the water feed connection for best results.
  6. Adjust the water pressure between 15 and 20 psi for best performance.
  7. Install an antiwater hammer device or water hammer arrester to prevent noisy pipes.
  8. Add an approved backflow preventer as required by local codes.

How To Install the MrSteam Shower Steam Outlet Pipe

Your steam outlet should have a one-half-inch natural pipe tapered thread, and no valves should be installed in the steal line to avoid obstructing the flow of steam. Here are the steps to installing the steam outlet pipe from the MrSteam Shower generator:

  1. Use a one-half-inch brass pipe or copper tubing from the generator to the SteamHead as local codes permit.
  2. Add pipe insulation rated at 250 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to insulate the steam line.
  3. Pitch the steam line one-fourth of a foot toward the steam hear or generator to avoid trapping condensation. If the steam line runs down and up, it will develop a steam trap, blocking the steam flow.
  4. Ensure there’s a one-and-a-half-inch hole in the steam shower to mount the SteamHead.

Where To Install the MrSteam Shower Manual Drain Line

A drain valve toward the bottom end of your MrSteam Shower generator is provided for easy servicing and gravity-fed draining. Install a drain line connection from the generator according to national and local codes. You should also check local plumbing codes for receptor, trap, and vent requirements. Your manual drain line should have a one-half-inch natural pipe tapered thread for precise connection to the drain valve.

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